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Colour Stream by Fatema Johra

Photography, taken on Google phone

Colour Stream: Image

"The sun seeping through the stained glass window at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, the warmth like the hum of hymns and a choir slowly building up to the chorus. My sister in this photo brings to mind the two religions I studied in detail and the interconnection between the two faiths

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Fatema Johra is a Cancer MDT Coordinator within the NHS and has been de-stressing by experimenting with different mediums to capture London and sentiments towards her hometown. Fatema is inspired by artists such as Ai Wei Wei and what kickstarted her interest in using disposable cameras again was the MyLondon Photo Project. A series of photographs snapped by homeless people across London while supporting and raising money for them and other rough sleepers. She has recently been working on capturing the brightness of summer, playing with colour filters to capture the City of London and beyond. 

Colour Stream: Text
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