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God's Equation by Narimaan Shafi

I emerge from weeks of research into hurricanes and tornadoes, destined never to feel sure of or dismiss a grey sky again. Previously, my eyes would glance skyward and mourn the absence of blue sky and sun. Now, I look at the leaden sky and no longer see a monotone mass devoid of personality. I can see it is composed of an infinite number of shades of grey, most certainly not a homogenous entity. 

This multi-tinted and multi-toned mass is formed from individual clouds moving and morphing into and out of each other. They have an energy, a mind of their own it seems. In gathering themselves, they gather pace urged on by extraordinary winds. 

Winds powered by hot ground and cold air are seemingly innocent, but when they come together, catastrophic swirling gusts can arise. These colossal weather phenomena can rip your life up by its roots. They'll spin it around at immense speeds with immeasurable force and throw it all back down again so even you don't recognise it. Known as Acts of God, they occur with greater frequency than ever before, are more powerful and cannot be reasoned with. 

We interact with our beautiful, bounteous and balanced planet. Consequently, we increase some variables, decrease others and add more. God's equation executes and creates balance once again. Creating balance causes turmoil but it will equalise the system. It will prevail.

God's Equation: Text

Narimaan Shafi has been scribbling away in the North of England since the age of four. Her particular passion is flash fiction, both reading and writing it. The question on her mind: Will the ever-growing pile of flash fiction anthologies in the room turn sentient and say something? You can find her on Twitter @thenormanshaft

God's Equation: Text
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