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Salaam Dear Leila

an agony aunt column

Overtly Lit is delighted to have author Leila Aboulela as our first ever agony aunt. 
Leila is the author of The Translator, Minaret, Lyrics Alley, The Kindness of Enemies, Elsewhere, Home and Bird Summons. Her work has received critical acclaim for for its distinctive exploration of identity, migration and Islamic spirituality.

Leila's fiction is a wonderful place to find meaningful representation of faith and spirituality and she is now here to share advice with our readers. 

We welcome questions from people of all faiths or none. We encourage you to ask about what matters most to you, including general life problems. Think about issues that could benefit from advice which takes your faith into account as Leila will answer your questions with a faith-centric approach. 

As Leila is a Muslim herself, if she is answering the question of another Muslim, she may incorporate something relating to Islam in her answer but we want to reiterate that questions from all faiths or none are welcome.

Please note, any advice Leila gives is not designed to be religious guidance and does not take the place of a scholar of religion. It is merely that - advice from one person of faith to another. 

We look forward to your questions!

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