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Sirin: Remembrance of Eternity by Irina Novikova

Ink, gel pen, gouache, paper

(monotype and drawing)

40x30 cm

There, beyond the horizon, thousands of faces and thousands of masks, birds, only they carry our dreams further .. only they know our thoughts, only they can help us ... Only they know many secrets, the door to which is locked forever ... Do not open eyes, they lie! Don't taste anything you see or you won't come back....! Be like the lifeless ones that are there in the earth .. they don’t care, even if you will be like a stone and your heart will turn to stone ... And nothing will happen to you ...

Sirin: Image
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Sirin: Image

Irina Novikova is an art critic (State Academy of Slavic Cultures), and a graphic designer (MGTA) and has been drawing from an early age.

Irina uses watercolor, ink, gouache, acrylic and loves to experiment with different materials. Irina's first series is the Red Book dedicated to rare and endangered species of animals and birds. Irina is inspired by baroque music and black and white films and has recently been leaning towards symbolism.

You can find Irina on Instagram @irinanov4155

Sirin: Text
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